About Direct Approach

Direct Approach is a Canadian based company providing instrument flight procedure design services worldwide.

Our clients include airports, flight operators, resource companies, civil aviation regulatory agencies, and anyone with an interest in safe and efficient air access.


We believe that to be in this industry, you have to be the best. That is why we keep our skills and training up to the highest standards.

One of the biggest advantages of using Direct Approach is that we are qualified experts in all of the main criteria: PANS-OPS, TERPS, and TP308. This gives us an exceptional insight into the options available, and the flexibility to adapt to any situation.

Direct Approach Experts

Marinus Waterberg - Owner and Lead Designer for Direct Approach


Owner / Designer

Marinus has over 36 years aviation experience, including 5300 hrs total flight time. He is a recognized leader in developing and utilizing RNAV / GPS technologies and applications. Marinus has designed precision and non-precision conventional and RNAV approaches globally, including North America, South America, Africa, and Australia.

Marinus started his career with the Canadian Armed Forces, initially as an instructor, then transferring to a Squadron, where he was V-VIP Aircraft Commander for flights involving various Heads of State, government and military V-VIPs.

After the military, Marinus joined the Aviation Technology Faculty at Selkirk College in British Columbia as an IFR and Commercial Pilot instructor.

Later he took on various responsibilities with the Nav Canada and Transport Canada. Where he was an Airspace and Instrument Procedures Design Specialist and Aerodrome Safety Officer. He is also an ISO internal auditor and inspector, and TP308 criteria national Woking Group team member.

In 2005, Marinus became the Lead Designer for HART Aviation. There he lead HART Aviations successful Australian (CASA) Part 173 approved Design Organization and ISO 9000 certifications. Marinus supervised a team of designers working with PANS-OPS and TP308 criteria before starting Direct Approach.

Throughout his career, his significant accomplishments have included: Designing the first FAA 8260.44A RNAV Departure criteria procedure for public use; Designing RNAV Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARS) for Vancouver International airport, and being the first RNAV Departure criteria instructor certified by Transport Canada.

Marinus brings a unique qualification mix with TP308 (Transport Canada), TERPS (FAA), and PANS-OPS qualifications. He is qualified in all current forms of RNAV Departure and Approach criteria. Marinus is also an ISO 9000 Auditor, and a RNAV Departure and TP308 Annex J criteria instructor.


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